SI T-shirt

I have to do excursion tours in our labs for school students. So I made an educational T-shirt and pupils can learn by watching me (because my talk is so boring they are definitely not listening to me). On the back side (back as history) is shown a current SI system. On the front is pictured a (probable) new (future) SI system.

Front and back pictures:

Partly based on work of wiki user Dono, who based on

Licence: Free culture license, but please give me a credit, and send me a photo of you in your new t-shirt if you like.
Creative Commons Licence
SI T-shirt by Martin Šíra is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Pictures of myself after delivery of SI T-shirt:


Both SI systems were made in Inkscape. It is saved in SVG format. For some lettering I used textext plugin, which allows to embed re-editable LaTeX objects into SVG drawings. Plugin use a preamble with common settings of LaTeX.

SVG version of SI T-shirt. Contain both sides of the t-shirt.

Preamble file for textext plugin.

Bitmap render of the front side in 'print' quality.

Bitmap render of the front side in 'print' quality.

You can download it, change it, print it.
Or you can follow the link and order the SI T-shirt from a Czech company.